Developing sustainability in manufacturing and business operations, ensuring the sustainable development of the society and enviromental protection are Gilimex’s guiding principles. The essence of these ideas are our strong commitment towards integrity and ethical compliance, praticed by every individual in the company. Along with a clear direction, goal, and detailed action plan, we aim at supporting the wellbeing of the society through detailed actionable programs.

Our members’ commitment to shareholders, customers and themselves – adhere to the Code of Conduct and Business Ethics at the ultimate perfection level.


Gilimex commits to executing and maintaining the following rules throughout our operations:

1. Child labor and juvenile labor support

Gilimex does not employ child labor – labor under the age of 15; At the same time, we support the recruitment of juvenile labor to work on jobs that are in accordance with the current legal provisions

2. Forced labor, slave labor and prison labor

Gilimex does not use forced or reluctant labor. There will be no use of slave and prison labor despite being on bail

3. Threatening and harassment

Gilimex does not use corporal punishment, threaten or conduct verbal acts or actions in order to satisfy its own needs or purposes without an employee’s consent; or use behaviors that affect or influence the creation of fear, hostility; or cause an unpleasant sexual-related working environment

4. No discrimination

At Gilimex, there will be no discrimination against race, religion, creed, gender, marital status, family status or age, political views, ethnicity, disability, health, sex orientation when it comes to hiring, payment, training, career promotion, job termination or retirement.

5. Freedom of association

Employees have the right to join or form associations according to their interests and have the right to negotiate collectively. The scope of freedom must abide by the law.

6. Health and Safety

Gilimex always provides employees a safe and healthy workplace.

7. Contract

Employees being hired by Gilimex will have contracts that specify working conditions and salary package.

8. Wages, allowances and social welfare

Gilimex commits to adhere to legal regulations on wages and benefits. Employees are paid at or above the statutory minimum wage.

9. Working time and rest breaks

One working week does not exceed 48 hours, overtime does not exceed 12 hours per week. A day off for seven working days

10. Environmental protection

Gilimex strictly abides by environmental protection laws and environmental related regulations.

11. Chemicals and garbage

Hazardous and non-hazardous wastes are classified and stored separately in prescribed places, ensuring safety, with clear identification and warning signs. They are collected and processed by an appropriate waste treatment unit.

12. Subcontractors

Gilimex only uses subcontractors to manufacture products for the customers if it is approved by them, and only after the subcontractors agree to sign a commitment form stating that they must comply with all social responsibility related activities.

13. Other laws

Gilimex will comply with applicable laws and regulation, including laws relating to production, prices, sales and distributions of goods.

14. Tracking and Compliance

Gilimex always allows customers and their designated employees (including third parties) to participate in monitoring activities to confirm its compliance with this Code of Conduct, including onsite checking with or without prior notice at the production factory; review of employment-related books and records; and private interviews with employees. Gilimex always maintains the necessary documents to demonstrate compliance.

15. Propaganda and dissemination

Gilimex takes appropriate actions to ensure these Code of Conduct provisions are disseminated to all employees, including displaying an apparent copy of this Code of Conduct in the most visible area in the workplace.


The basic foundation of sustainable business relationships is trust, integrity and honesty. Gilimex requires all employees, business partners respect theses values in relationship development.

Our company says “No” to corruption behaviors using “Anti-corruption and bribery policy”. Any action that is contrary to the provisions of this policy will result in an immediate relationship termination to the related party. This policy is also communicated and signed by employees and business partners. Besides, our company also shows our commitment to the policy by signing to confirm all letters received from our clients.


2. IWAY Independent
3. Global Security Verification (GSV)

Gilimex maintains and reinforces annual activities that help support and improve the community in order to balance between the benefits gained from business activities and the values we contribute to the society. Our past and on-going activities include: creating adequate job opportunities for adolescent workers; improving working conditions that enhance Community Health; providing financial aids for Union and local Child Care Programs; giving away scholarships to students living in poverty who achieve excellent academic results.

Environmental protection is Gilimex’s top priority guidance for sustainable development. We reduce activities that make an impact on the environment; innovate environmentally friendly products and create more added values to clients and the community through programs that promote sustainable development: 100% usage of renewable energy and recyclable materials as well as saying no to burial landfill waste.