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Since its establishment in 1982, Gilimex has been going through over 40 years of continuous innovation and development. The company has achieved outstanding success in revenue and export growth, affirming its leading position in manufacturing garment products in Vietnam.

In 2002, the listing of Gilimex on the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange with the stock code GIL has confirmed the successful business performance of the Company which resulted utterly from the collective development staff efforts, the acumen of an innovative spirit and the creativity in product diversification.

With 15 subsidiaries and 02 strategic affiliates, along with a team of more than 5,000 highly skilled workers, Gilimex is confident to have the facilities and production capacity to fully meet the requirements and commitments of both domestic and foreign partners on processing time, product quality, product development as well as coordination of production and business activities.

The absolute satisfaction and trust from partners, together with the solidarity and professionalism from a large collective, are not only the measure but the pride to affirm the value of Gilimex.

In the current context with the tendency moving forward to the diverse industries development and business fields, Gilimex has been actively investing in the fields of industrial park real estate and hotels serving industrial parks.

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We are proud of what we have achieved today and believe that our growth will continue to be even stronger tomorrow.

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Becoming one of the leading companies in the field of manufacturing garment products as well as the active investor of green-clean-advanced industrial park chains and hotel chains serving industrial parks in Vietnam.


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