Product Developer

Ngày đăng: 17/12/2018
Nơi làm việc: Ho Chi Minh City
Lương: Negotiate


  • Follow up all design inquiries from beginning till order is finished 1st shipment
  • Develop the right material – and follow up all coomunication for all aspect related
  • Development (such as: Material spec, list, supplier, quality, price, testing, etc).
  • Work closely with Sourcing team – to develop with new supplier, rcvd the right quality of material
  • Work closely with QA team to ensure right quality from beginning
  • Work closely with supplier to ensure timeline sample with right quality and right
  • Approve all material and product quality before sent to Buyer
  • Bring the issues related with product quality during development to the council
  • Update all PIP (Project in pipeline) and communicated both to internal and to buyer Review all Spec, PIS and sample before send to buyer/ or finalize any design

Requirement for skill and ability

  • Speak, write and read english fluently (Advance  level  up)
  • Have good soft  & hard skill and characteristic, including but not limited  to
  • Speak, write and read english fluently (Advance  level  up)
  • Negotiation skill, listening, leadership, Time  management, Presentation  skill
  • Have good soft & hard skill and characteristic, including but not limited  to;
  • Deep knowledge on product requirements related to either; bags, storage etc
  • Negotiation skill, listening, leadership, Time management, Presentation skill
  • Wide knowledge on various material  using for those related products
  • Deep knowledge on product requirements related to either; bags, storage, lamps,  etc.
  • Basic  knowledge  on  Design,  function,  style,  drawing,  etc.
  • Wide  knowledge  on  various  material  using  for  those  related  products
  • Basic  knowledge  on  Product  quality  and  testing  requirements
  • Basic  knowledge  on  Design,  function,  style,  drawing,  etc.

Ms. Dương Cẩm Giang (HR)
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